Hi folks! My name is Frunzareanu Florin (Axyy)

If you want quality traffic that buys from you then you’re on the right  page.
I’ve been in the traffic space for over 5 years and my traffic is:

Scalable – I can send anywhere Thousands Unique Visitors to your offers.
Pre-Qualified – Only the best of the best leads see your offer.
Responsive – We regularly get CRAZY results for our vendors (read our reviews).
Unsaturated – We use a unique marketing mix to get our leads !!



When you send a message through the contact page, all the message come in the incoming folder exactly to the E-mail of SITE ADMINISTRATOR that is willing to receive EMAIL INBOX(messages) with: offers, partnerships or even buy from you…


We literally send out thousands of clicks per week to our clients and we have a very loyal following. People who come to use usually buy from us a couple of times…. but again, don’t take my word for it, just go through all the amazing reviews that we have on this page, from past customers:


I have a unique system that sorts and optimizes the traffic that is delivered to you. Most vendors don’t even know what it takes to deliver awesome traffic to you day in & day out.

My system delivered unique and highly qualified traffic to your offers ANYTIME YOU WANT! And it’s always going to be fresh, I wouldn’t let you buy from me if it is not.


The traffic that you get is not shared with thousands of other marketers.

We use a good marketing mix to build our lists and that is why we’re able to deliver quality visitors that click, open and buy AT AFFORDABLE PRICES.


We help you grow your business because we understand that our business growth directly depends on our ability to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

That is the only reason we have flourished for over 5 years whereas other vendors struggle to get sales. We maintain quality over quantity.



  • All message fall into the incoming folders 100%, unlike the classic emails that reach only 5% in the box, the rest in spam;
  • You can send millions messages during a day;
  • The message is not blocked by the mail systems;
  • No synonym or macros is used to compose the text of the message;
  • Many sites specifically hide their email address and leave only a contact form for communication;
  • The message is sent to contact page specially allocated for commercial offers;
  • Sites with contact page are open to the public to be contacted about business proposals, others (are waiting for your offers);
  • Daily updating of the database with new potential clients, full geographical coverage for all countries of the world.



  • Show your business/services/videos to a targeted audience;
  • Requesting link exchanges from other sites in a similar niche;
  • Contacting webmasters about potentially advertising on their sites;
  • Sending out guest posting and submission requests;
  • Getting in contact with potential affiliates to show your services or products;
  • Contacting a targeted audience to submit press releases;
  • Locating the right people to review your product and services.
  • The fastest and most economical way to enter the markets of other countries with your product or service.

100% BOT Free Traffic!

When you choose to buy clicks from me, you do not need to worry about BOT clicks.
Because as you can see on the image below we are blocking all BAD clicks with the best tracking program Clickmagick.


Here is Exactly What you get

When You Choose My High Quality Clicks!

  • Outstanding Customer Support (Get in touch when you need a help!)
  • Fast Delivery! (depends on click package size you choose.)
  • 70% TIER 1 Countries Guaranteed (USA, CA, GB, AU, NZ, IE)
  • Up to 10% Over-Delivery Guaranteed on Every Clicks Package!
  • Active List Only (new leads added daily + Buyers Included)
  • After Every Order – Detailed Statistic Provided!
  • Unique Clicks Only, No Exit or Pop up Traffic


350 Unique Clicks – $35

You can choose the niche and country

1200 Unique Clicks – $100

You can choose the niche and country

500 Unique Clicks – $35

Niche random, Country random
70% TIER 1 Guaranteed (USA, CA, GB, AU, NZ, IE)

1700 Unique Clicks – $100

Niche random, Country random
70% TIER 1 Guaranteed (USA, CA, GB, AU, NZ, IE)



After you have placed an order, CONTACT ME right away with your: Transaction ID and the link that you want to promote!
Do you have any question before buying solo ads package?
My primary goal is continuing our relationship with you in the future!
Please do not hesitate and drop me a message anytime you want. I will normaly respond in 1-2 hours.


Terms & Conditions!

I reserve the right to refuse and refund your order if I feel your offer is not well suited for my list. Clicks will typically start within 48 hours of order confirmation. Delivery time will take days for 100 click orders.

Your offer should be a free offer, although you are welcome to have an OTO page. If you want to send straight to a paid offer, please contact me before ordering and we can discuss.

There will be no refunds on delivered traffic. Refunds will be granted on the basis of a technical error on my end. Payment is for unique clicks. The seller bears no responsibility for the number of conversions, subscribers or sales you make. I can assist you with how your capture page looks to maximize results.